Choosing the Size & Medium


Choosing the Size

Artwork can be produced in any size to suit your requirements. The most popular sizes are 12″x16″, 16″x20″ and 20″x24″.

Pencil, pastel and watercolour portraits are painted on paper that is either one or two inches height and width larger than the actual portrait size to allow for the mount to sit on top when framing.

If you are commissioning a pencil, pastel or watercolour portrait, it’s worth considering that when framing the artwork it will need a mount as well as a frame and this will increase the overall dimensions of the framed artwork.

Larger artworks generally take longer to paint and this is reflected in the price.

pastels art medium

Choosing the Medium

The medium you choose is usually down to personal preference, although I personally think horses look wonderful painted in oils or pastel.

Graphite pencil, coloured pencil, pastel and watercolour paintings are usually framed with amount as well as a frame which gives a nicely finished look to the artwork.

Portraits on canvas and canvas board are framed with a frame only.

Portraits on canvas can be hung without a frame if you prefer as I always paint the edges of the canvas with a dark tone to compliment the artwork.

The samples of previous commissions in the gallery section will also give you an idea what each medium looks like but if you’re not sure I’m very happy to advise.

Bay horse portrait in pastel

Choosing a Reference Photo

If you already have a favourite photo of your horse this may be the best reference to use as it probably shows your horse’s personality and is a good likeness.

Ideally your photo or photos will be high resolution and clear. If you’re not sure whether your photo is too dark or blurry I’ll be very happy to advise

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